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The City of Jeffersontown has grown tremendously in technology over the last 6 years to provide solid infrastructure that supports their buildings and employees and enhances the city’s transparency and efficiency.  One of their biggest struggles was communicating with employees across five buildings and being mobile throughout the day. They had multiple aging phone systems that did not directly communicate with each other and did not interface with their email system. These systems needed repairs and also required the addition of multiple incoming phone lines to each facility.

We installed an NEC hybrid phone system that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Analog technology to link all five buildings together on one telephone system. This single system was installed using two physical locations to add redundancy to the system for failover — an especially crucial step, as one of the facilities was their police department. They now have three-digit extension dialing to all buildings from one switchboard operator, voicemail to email functionality, on hold messaging, conference call abilities and redundant carrier circuits to maximize system uptime.

We were able to facilitate major cost savings when it came to the cabling infrastructure on which the telephone system functions.  By installing a mixture of underground fiber optic cable, wireless connections and VOIP technologies, we created a single network which eliminated the need for incoming phone lines to each building.  The City of Jeffersontown now has two incoming circuits at two separate locations that are shared between their data and voice networking traffic.  Redundancy and cost savings alone made this system a great solution, and the plentiful features of a new NEC phone system make it a useful business tool.

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Carson Ledford

Vice President

Jeff Caudill

Senior Systems Engineer

Kevin Bisig

Director of Communications Cabling

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