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In 2009, Harbor House of Louisville transitioned to Technology Plus because they were experiencing several types of problems that stemmed from an ad hoc style of growth in their I.T. infrastructure.  Harbor House was immediately able to benefit from all 3 areas of service we offer.

Our first challenge was to troubleshoot and replace some of the defective and outdated CAT5 cabling within their main office, which was causing much of their slow network performance issues.  We installed new CAT5e cabling that was properly terminated in the server room and connected to new network switches that allowed for better performance and growth.  We also installed a new HP server that provided reliable storage and proper data security, and we installed a Sonicwall firewall device in conjunction with a new T1 circuit to provide secure and reliable internet access.  Because Harbor House had a secondary office, we set up a VPN connection to allow users at the remote office to share information on the main office’s server.  As their company grew and added locations, we installed an NEC phone system using the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology to allow both offices to operate on a unified communications server.

Once we solidified their infrastructure and had installed the correct devices, we were able to provide helpdesk support and additional onsite services as needed.  To help catch problems before they arise, we regularly provide scheduled maintenance on their systems to ensure that devices are running as efficiently as possible.

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Josh Decker

Systems Engineer

Jeff Caudill

Senior Systems Engineer

Kevin Bisig

Director of Communications Cabling

Carson Ledford

Vice President

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