My Story

Eric Guess

Systems Engineer

There isn’t much Eric hasn’t done in his 10+ years of experience in IT.  Everything from designing Active Directory forests with Macintosh and Linux integration, recovering data from a damaged hard drives, replacing defective printer parts, and even replacing and configuring fiber optic connections – if it can go wrong, Eric has probably seen it before and fixed it before.  And in the rare occasion he encounters a new problem, he is always ready to tackle the challenge as it’s a chance to learn something new. When not at work, Eric can often be found assisting his wife in her photography as her lighting technician.  Despite having assisted her for a decade, he still can’t take a photo without his thumb on the lens.  In the rest of his spare time, he enjoys spending time at home with a small zoo of animals that currently includes two dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and a goat.

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