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Sue Ledford


Sue has officially been with Technology Plus since 1997. She directs all financial and budget activities and works with our leadership team to formulate policies, overall direction and operational activities.  Sue frequently acts as community liaison for our company. She is also involved in the supervision of administrative, accounting, payroll, networking, planning, human resources, customer relations and anything else thrown her way.

Sue loves spending time with her grandson, Carter, and makes the most of the small opportunities to relax with her husband, family and friends. She enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and is always willing to help people out any way she can. Those who know Sue admire her consistently positive attitude and her ability to gracefully balance running a business and being unfailingly supportive of family, employees and friends. Sue credits her ability to strike this balance and get through each day to God, and she is grateful for the opportunity to serve others for a greater purpose.

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