The First Blog

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Since this is my first attempt to blog, I thought I would write about one reason that we thought it would be a good idea for us to start Technology Plus back in 1995.  I was working as an architectural designer at one of the bigger firms in Louisville, KY at a time when personal computers were just hitting the market.  This was also the time when architectural / engineering firms were starting to adopt CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems to start the long process of replacing hand drafting.

As I worked with the equipment and the sole vendor in town that could support it, I became very aware of some things that hindered my ability to best use the company’s investment in technology.  I don’t know if it was because the technology was new, because there was only one dealer in town, because there were internal problems with this vendor, or because of a combination of all of those things – but as a customer, I did not have the vendor support I needed to succeed.

The problem was that the vendor I was forced to deal with in 1987 didn’t respect me or the company I worked for.  They didn’t respect the monetary investment our company had made or the time I was investing daily.  The vendor’s needs were always put first.  The biggest problem for me was that there were no other dealers easily available for this product.

Although this was in 1987 and while technology has evolved tremendously since, basic customer service principals should never change.

I started Technology Plus because I believed that if a company would simply do what they said they would do, in the timeframe they said they would do it, that they could have all the customers they wanted.

Since 1995, we have held true to our first guiding principle: to ALWAYS RESPECT each of our employees and customers.  We firmly believe this has been our key to success.  In today’s automated world of purchasing, smaller profit margins and outsourced helpdesk, I am proud to say that Technology Plus respects our customers enough to still provide quality products, affordable prices and personalized service.  There are many choices of vendors within the I.T. Service Field, but we welcome the challenge of standing out from the crowd.  The unfailing respect we give our customers will separate us from the pack and make us a clear choice each and every time.