One size does not fit all.

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In the 21 years that Technology Plus has been in business, we have seen several changes in the way I.T. Services are delivered to SMB Market. Mostly these changes drastically affected the small business segment. In today’s economic world, almost every business MUST have technology, it is often the necessary evil. While everyone will agree that technology does increase efficiency, business owners know the cost of initial investment and more importantly the cost of maintenance, repairs & DOWNTIME. This is where I.T. Service Providers can make the difference in a technology solution being an important tool or simply a drain on the financials.

Over the years we have seen 3 types of customers in the way they address technology. No one way is wrong, it’s just that each type of customer has a style and budget that they work within.

Many companies make the initial investment, reap the return on investment and believe that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. These companies do not fully understand the importance of maintenance. Computers can and will get compromised, break or simply get outdated. Firewalls will fail and they do need patches to continually operate effectively. Companies that ignore these facts will have unexpected downtime and lose data. This equals lost $$$$$.

Other companies treat I.T. services as a line item on their P & L and want a provider that will give them an All Inclusive service / support package for a flat monthly fee so they never have to think about the details or cost on a daily basis. This type of service is provided under the description of Managed Services. There are service providers who provide this service very well, however these packages usually have much higher monthly costs since they have to include normally scheduled maintenance but also be prepared for emergency services that MIGHT be needed. What if emergencies don’t happen, what if everything simply works as it should and you only needed basic maintenance?

There is a 3rd group of companies in the small business world that understands the importance of technology, maintenance, uptime and most importantly their cash flow. This 3rd group of companies plan their I.T. purchases, services and support knowing they will benefit from the technology and pay for only the services they actually need/receive. When these companies align themselves with a solid I.T. Service Provider, they can benefit from their technology investment and also rest easy knowing they are paying a fair price for only the services they need. Yes emergencies can still happen, but they will only pay for them IF they happen. These businesses know this is more like old fashioned customer service and less like an insurance plan.

At Technology Plus, we still provide professional I.T. Products & Services at affordable rates with service plans that are customized to each customer’s needs. The first group of companies listed above that believe if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, is NOT a customer we want to have. This may sound arrogant but the simple fact is this; Technology will fail, and when it does, the provider usually gets the blame, even if the provider was not allowed to properly maintenance or service the equipment. In this scenario, everyone loses and business is lost. Our goal is to help customers use technology to grow their business, not be at risk. Our solutions are a combination of the other 2 groups of companies. Companies that understand the need to have the correct products installed and also the proper service agreements in place. This customized solution starts with a good understanding of what the company does, how they utilize technology and defining what their expectations are. Once this is done, we can customize a solution for them that is fair to all involved. By combining quality products with proper maintenance plans and prompt response to support issues, we can deliver a technology solution that allows you to run your business efficiently. Often times this solution is a mixture of managed services, onsite service, remote support and in store services. Our project managers will help plan the correct solution for you, our administrative staff will ensure your service needs are scheduled and that invoicing is done correctly, our certified technicians will provide onsite & remote helpdesk support in a timely manner and our owners will ensure that you are satisfied.

Since 1995 we have learned that our job is to give our customers an easy & affordable way to leverage the power of technology. We truly do Make Tech Simple!

Consulting, Planning, Implementation, Support & Service with an emphasis on fair pricing. To learn more, please call us @ (502) 499-1911