What’s the best security for your business?

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When you started your business, you didn’t do it to worry about the security of your data. Or to maintain files. Or your client’s data. No – you did it so you could focus on what you do best. Maintaining security is a whole other can of worms unto itself. And trying to decide what you need versus what you don’t – well it’s a lot. Do you need physical access security for a building? Or digital security for a network system? Do you need both? See what we mean.

Where do I even start?

First, it’s important to assess what kind of data you’re working with. For example, industries such as the medical or financial fields need high-risk security measures in order to protect consumer data. If you’re in the plumbing field, you still deal with consumer data, but you won’t need the security measuries normally required of a doctor’s office. Regardless of what industry your company is in, a security manual is necessary. If you haven’t already, create a security manual that outlines your company’s needs and update it regularly. And just between us – it’s a good practice to test your security levels regularly because threats are always changing and evolving. Better to be safe than sorry.

Tell me more, tell me more

Now let’s take a look at your IT network. Take a step back and consider potential ways that a threat could hack into your network and compromise your data. For example, consider infected websites on your Internet browser, email, wireless devices, software, VPN, social media sites, and social engineering.

Once you’ve identified some potential risk areas, now it’s time to see what you stand to lose. Is it your data, or is it your customers data? What’s the value of that data, and more importantly, what are the financial penalties if that data gets compromised or corrupted? It’s important to outline these risks so you can ensure you have the appropriate level of protection in place.

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