One Call, That’s All

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More than MSP!

Technology Plus is an MSP (Managed Service Provider), however, we are truly MUCH more than that, we are a Technology Solutions Provider.

An MSP provides proactive monitoring, support and administration to your Information Technology network, computers, servers & peripheral devices.  The intent of this service is maintain systems and provide optimal uptime for your network.  This is a crucial role in any modern day business and Technology Plus has the systems & staff to effectively provide this service to our customers at affordable prices.

Why Technology Plus?

The key differentiator between Technology Plus and most all of our competitors in this market is that we are MORE than a MSP!
I.T. has been our core service since we started business back in 1995, however, we quickly realized the value of being a full service provider to our customers.  Customers want simplicity, affordability, seamless implementations and most importantly, accountability of their providers.  Technology Plus is truly a Technology Solutions Provider, not just I.T. Support.  We design, sell, install, maintenance & support your voice/data network as well as all the devices that reside on it.

3 Integrated Departments = One Call, That’s All

Just like any well oil machined, all parts must work well together and be in perfect synchronization.  Our team is made up of 3 Departments that work together to be your Technology Solutions Provider.

Structured Cabling Department
This department designs & installs all the low voltage CAT6 and Fiber Optic cable for your voice/data network.  Building out data centers that can handle your I.T. needs while we design for future growth is our expertise.  Your physical network is the rock upon which all things I.T. are built on.  This step MUST be done correctly.  Within this department we also provide the other systems that work in conjunction with this physical network such as CCTV-Security Cameras, Door Access Controls systems, Distributed Audio/Video, White Noise & Building Automation.

Information Technology Department
This is where our core business comes into play.  Once the physical network is installed, we install all needed components to provide a secure network environment for your employees to create & share the needed data to run your business.  This is also where our Managed Services come into play so that once your network, servers, computers, printers and all other devices are running correctly, we take a proactive approach to monitoring & maintenance to minimize downtime.  Your Information Technology investments become the lifeblood of your business and our Managed Services are what keeps these investments running smoothly.

Telecommunications Department
Every person and every business has the need to communicate at some level and while historically this has meant the use of telephones for most businesses.  While we are an authorized NEC & Mitel reseller, we understand that communications today are more than just calling someone on a telephone.  Communications consist of traditional telephone systems, mobile phones, emails, text, chat forums, direct messaging, social media posts, video calls & voice to text translators.
Whatever your communications needs are, we can integrate all forms of communication styles into one seamless solution that allows your business to operate as you need it to.  We can provide traditional On-Premises communication servers, Cloud based systems and even a hybrid of cloud & premise based systems.  Whether your workforce is in office, remote or outsourced, our experienced staff can provide a communications system that will meet your needs.

“Failure to communicate with today’s technology is unacceptable”
 – Carson Ledford