Veterans Memorial Park

The Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park was the first park in Kentucky to be dedicated solely to veterans. It is located on 25 beautiful acres and offers open green spaces that are ideal for recreational activities. Since built the city has added multiple features in which to honor our veterans. The Veterans Memorial Plaza and Freedom Wall Monument is a 30,000 square feet, 60 foot long wall composed of laser etched glass panels that represent the five U.S. military branches. This memorial was unveiled on Veterans Day in 2018.  This park also consists of playgrounds for children, pavilions for picnics and family gatherings as well as basketball courts and softball fields.  This park has something for everyone in the Jeffersontown community.

Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park
10707 Taylorsville Road
Jeffersontown, KY 40299
(502) 267-8333

The Problem

With the park being a commonly used getaway for children, adults, and anyone who wants to venture the views and amenities of the park, the city understood the need for security & seamless communications.  The park had experienced vandalism in the past and wanted a way to track any future abuse.  They also understood the need for dependable communications so that the community can be in touch with family & first responders as the needs arise.

The Solution

Technology Plus was able to design a Cisco powered WiFi network throughout the park that allows for public communications via Internet, email & text.  This WiFi network also provided the infrastructure for 25 Avigilon security cameras to be spread across the park.  Utilizing both license plate cameras and overhead arial view cameras, we are able to track vehicles coming and going from the park as well as individuals throughout the park. Installation of the Avigilon camera system provides movement triggers, facial recognition, and the ability for remote monitoring at the nearby Police Headquarters.

Working with the City of Jeffersontown has always been a priority and honor as we get to take part in important measures such as these.

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