Telecommunications Services

As authorized dealers for NEC and Mitel, we offer a range of Telecom solutions, including traditional on-premises systems and Cloud-Based options, tailored to your needs and budget. Our Telecommunications department collaborates closely with our I.T. team to ensure seamless integration of voice and data, keeping you connected with your customers. Our cloud solutions are a perfect fit for companies with multiple offices spread across different cities and states. Whether you require a small-scale setup or a larger configuration with multiple circuits or trunks, we have the expertise to take care of your Telecom needs.

New System Installations

We embrace the power of growth, both for you and your business. As an authorized reseller, we have the expertise to guide you towards the perfect telephone system upgrade that aligns with your company’s needs. With telephone systems now integrated into the same cabling and data infrastructure as your computers, it’s crucial to work with professionals who understand the seamless integration of these technologies. That’s where our dedicated team comes in. We are committed to delivering a unified communications solution that ensures smooth and effective communication throughout your organization.

Managing Existing Systems

Whether you rely on a traditional phone system or the latest VOIP technology, we have the expertise and comprehensive product offerings to ensure seamless communication with your valued customers and dedicated staff. Whether you operate from a single office or have a multi-branch setup spanning across multiple states, our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional support for all your telecommunication requirements.

System Relocations

Relocating your office? We value the strong relationships you have with your customers, and we know that maintaining seamless communication during the transition is crucial. At Technology+, we have you covered. Our expert team can assist you in transferring your existing telephone system, ensuring you don’t miss a single call or message. With precision and skill, we’ll handle the seamless uninstallation of your current system, carefully move it to your new location, and have you up and running in no time. Rest assured, our support doesn’t end there. We’re always available to provide telecommunication assistance and support, even after the relocation is complete.

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